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Shepherd Electric has a team of outside sales professionals who can assist you, on site, if needed. Additionally, our inside team of sales professionals can help you manage your project by assisting with product selection, order placement, and coordinating delivery. 

Instant Lighting Discounts
Energy Efficiency Consultation
Energy/Facilities Contact Form

Instant Lighting Discount opportunities offered by most of our local utilities allow our commercial customers to:

- save energy

- reduce maintenance

- increase lamp life

- provide associates with better light quality at reduced costs.

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Additional Services

In addition to helping you navigate the rebate process, we can also:

  • Assist you in qualifying with your local utility for any potential rebate.

  • Survey your facility and perform an audit of your existing system. Are you wasting financial resources on lighting?  We'll help you find out.

  • Help you determine which solution will work best for your facility. So many options! Our experienced sales professionals are familiar with hundreds of manufacturers and their latest technologies. We are here to help you.

  • Put together a "before" and "after" analysis. How much energy will you save? How quickly with the project pay for itself? What other areas of your business will improve with this upgrade? We can do an Energy & Cost Savings analysis on your project.

  • Help you sell the project. You may have to present the proposal to management; if so, we can help you with your presentation.

Lamp Recycling Program (PDF)

Information On Energy Star

Information on DLC

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